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Eight years ago I was able to visualize my dream creating affordable, funky functions for the man on the street. It started when I planned my own wedding in 1999. Since then I have done small family gatherings to satisfy my passion. My passion then took control and sprouted wings... Funky Functionz took flight!

Based in eshowe

Eshowe has a special vibe. There is something about the mystical forest, the historical fort, the glorious golf estate and the new House in Zululand that reminds you of special times. Many fantastic memories are created here and will always be remembered as "that" special event.

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We are ready to make your day epic in every way.

From inspiration through implementation you can relax and enjoy your celebration knowing every detail has been taken care of. Give us a call today, we would love to set up a consultation.

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Choosing us is a worthwhile investment to ensure your overall budget is well spent.

Whether you just got engaged, or you've been planning things for a few months now, the overwhelmed feeling can set in pretty quickly. Working with a professional and experienced wedding planner is like having a best friend who has been there, done that, and walked the aisle dozens of times.

We can make free recommendations from our list of local "tried-n-trusted" suppliers and venues, leaving you with the peace of mind that they will not let you down on your big day. We will provide you with a personalised timeline to follow and a checklist to ensure that you stick within your chosen budget. With our experience you can be assured that nothing will be forgotten.

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Wedding Day Bliss
Wedding Day Bliss

Event Planning need not be complicated

Each event presents a new challenge. We love helping customers come up with solutions and ideas for their special day. Plus, We work with a fun, talented group of people at a wonderful, family-owned company!

We are a creative, professional team with an eye for detail! Wedding planning, Styling, Co-ordinating, Hiring & Decor. We got you covered.

Attention to detail is a must and the wishes and dreams of our clients are our main concern and focus points.

For more news and views of what we offer, follow us on our social media pages to get the most up to date info. We hope to hear from you soon!

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.
- Dr Seuss